First, we’re glad you’re visiting us via our website.

Curious about who we are and what it might be like to visit Crossroads in person?

Read on.

Our church celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2019. We’re a small, growing church – about 120 members and regular attenders.

We’ve got people who are single, families with young children, families with grandchildren, and families with no children.  It’s a mix – lots of different ages, but together we’re a family of faith.

People generally don’t dress up for church at Crossroads – you see a lot of jeans.

We tend to attract people that are interested in exploring their faith by asking questions.

We tend to attract people that believe that outside of God’s love and following Jesus, things aren’t tidy – there aren’t easy answers.

Our congregation comes from a wide religious background:

  • Baptists
  • Catholics
  • Pentecostal
  • Presbyterian
  • …you name it, we probably have someone who’s worshipped in that tradition.

Most of us ended up at Crossroads because we just didn’t quite fit in somewhere else.

Since our first worship service, we have openly and warmly welcomed LGBTQ+ members. God loves everyone, and we don’t care who you love.  We care about who you are and supporting your faith journey.

We have a lot of music in our service, most of it contemporary worship style. We sprinkle in some of the classics, and we have some originals written by people in our congregation. You’ll see people standing, sitting and worshipping freely.

At Crossroads, we’re on a journey together in community. It’s easier to walk life’s path with others, so please come visit and see if you’d like to walk with us.