Welcome from Pastor Stephanie

When I was first called as Pastor of Crossroads Church in 2015, I felt like I had finally arrived home. 

It felt like home because the people at Crossroads are so warm and accepting. We care for one another like family and with each new person that joins us, our family gets bigger. We endeavor to see God’s image in every person and to share the table with one another, each person having an equal seat of value.   

It is a community where we look upon another not with eyes of judgment, but with hearts of loving embrace and affirmation. We come together as a community, each on various parts of our own path, and seek to encourage, support, and challenge one another in ways that grow us and draw us closer to God. We’re willing to ask hard questions and wrestle with the scriptures and theology. We recognize that none of us have all the answers and so we listen to one another with open hearts and minds. Together, we traverse this adventure of life and faith. 

We recognize too that the love we have and share with one another is big enough to extend beyond our church walls. That love is embodied through hands of compassion, listening ears of empathy, and voices and feet of advocacy out in the larger community. When we create sanctuary for one another, we seek to do so within each person’s own heart, within our circle of faith, and within all creation. 

Several years later and I still feel this way.

This community still feels like home. 

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